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:: Why Zinc Cut Wire Shot ? :: 

Zinc Cut Wire Shot-
Designed Specifically for Die Castings

Zinc Cut Wire Shot is an efficient abrasive media produced in either 99.95% pure zinc or alloyed for your special requirements.

Deburring and deflashing of zinc or aluminum die cast parts in both wet and dry operations.Removal of impregnated sand from sand castings.

Zinc Cut Wire Shot will not damage soft-alloy cast parts and in most cases, parts need no other cleaning prior to a plating process. Zinc Cut Wire Shot creates less dust than either steel or aluminum abrasives. Provides temporary galvanic protection. A thin film of zinc up to 1.3 microns is deposited onto cast parts which will temporarily protect parts from corrosion. Reusable and recyclable. Does not flash rust or red rust during storage. No premature breakdown or flaking. Will not cause excessive wear and tear on finishing equipment.


:: What is Plastic Shot /GRIT ? ::

It is a custom engineered, dry stripping abrasive for fast, safe, low-cost surface cleaning and coatings removal (a process known as Plastic Media Blasting). It is Government approved; belongs to the family of dry stripping abrasives and is non-toxic, operator-safe, and inflicts no damage on finished surfaces. Unlike more traditional cleaning media, it is a non-polluting, long-lasting and recyclable plastic that completely eliminates the need for sandblasting or dangerous chemicals. Developed more than a generation ago, it is also acclaimed for its positive impact on the problems of air pollution, toxic waste and worker safety


  • Safe for Substrates, Primers, Gel Coats, Circuit Boards

  • Highly Cost-effective Surface Cleaning

  • Fast; Easy-To-Use

  • Non-toxic; Environmentally Safe

  • No Chemical Solvents

  • Consistent Specific Gravity

  • Long-lasting; Recyclable (up top 95% Recoverable)


:: More Technical INFO on Cut Wire Shot ? ::

Cut wire shot is produced in these other metals:

(1) Stainless Cut Wire Shot of a type 302/304 is used in shot peening and blasting on metals where ferrous contamination must be avoided to prevent stress corrosion cracking.

(2) Aluminum Cut Wire shot is used on delicate work objects of that metal where the light weight of the shot delivers less penetration.

(3) Zinc Cut Wire Shot is used in application where a soft material is needed for deburring and in some cases a deposition is desired.

HARDNESS Carbon Cut Wire Shot shall have a minimum hardness of 466KHN (42 HRC). Stainless Cut Wire Shot shall have a minumum hardness of 466KHN (45 HRC).

Stainless cut wire shot stocked in as cut and conditioned in all sizes.


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